viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

Marie Curie Mobility fellowships programme

We are seeking a candidate with a PhD degree in Earth or Physical Sciences for a joint application to the Marie Curie Individual Fellowships Programme of the European Union (Marie Curie Programme website).

This programme provides fellowships for European (Intra-European Fellowships) and international (Incoming International  Fellowships) researchers in a European country different from where they developed their recent work. Applications are submitted jointly between the candidate and the host institution. The fellowship would provide a gross salary in the approximate range €100,000-60,000/year, depending on experience, plus mobility (relocation, family, etc.), travel and career exploratory allowances, as well as research funds. The research project would have a duration of 2 years. Fellows can apply for a Reintegration Grant to return to their own country at the end of their fellowship.

The next call will probably open in March 2011 and the deadline will be in August 2011. Three fellows have been hosted and one more will be hosted starting this year, within this European Programme: 2011-2013  Fe- and Mg-rich clays from submarine hydrothermal systems as a proxy for the Martian clays of similar composition.

Anyone interested in this joint application please contact Javier Cuadros.

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